You’re looking for new inspiring ideas? You need specific tools? You want to learn how to get to know your community better? Why not invite one of our Travelling Culture Animators and Sociologists over?
We will come see you at your place.

Travelling Culture Animators and Sociologists are a group of experienced animators of culture and social researchers who aid the activities of cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, local leaders, activists, and artists.
There are people all over Poland who recognise the need for change. All, whether young or old, they have a lot of energy and ideas. They work in community centres and libraries; they’re members of associations and foundations. They take the initiative and launch their own social and cultural enterprises. They often need advice, assistance, and inspiration.
It is for them that the network of Travelling Culture Animators and Sociologists has been created.

Travelling Culture Animators conduct film, photography, theatre, music, and dance workshops, as well as show you how to prepare and run them. They help you organise neighbourly activities. They suggest you how to employ modern technologies in institutions and organisations. They help you start activities involving people of all ages.

Travelling Sociologists suggest you how to research your community. They provide you with tools for local diagnosis. They help you recognise the needs of different groups within your town. They aid you in creating your institution’s strategy. They stimulate co-operation between institutions, organisations, and independent leaders. The methods they suggest are simple, effortless and cost-effective.
The Travelling Culture Animators and Sociologists network has been set up by The Association of Creative Initiatives „ę”. The Travelling Sociologists’ expert partner is The Unit for Social Innovation and Research – Shipyard. The Travelling Sociologists network has been initiated owing to the support of Stefan Batory Foundation.